Manchester Rugby: My Club Betting
Second Floor
Quadrant House
31-65 Croydon Road


My Club Betting is a specialised marketing and communication platform that provides a FREE betting service for Manchester Rugby Club, giving our members, families and supporters their very own, easy-to-use, fast and efficient betting service that pays their Club dividends with a CASH revenue stream and FREE kit and equipment.

My Club Betting give back 20% of its bookmaker’s net revenues, which is generated by our users through our Club’s custom betting service, towards our Club’s development fund and investment in future plans across all ages.

In addition, each person that signs up to the Service will help Manchester Rugby Club get FREE kit and equipment as a reward if the betting site gets a significant amount of active bettors.

Furthermore, MY Club Betting has become a Sponsor at our Club – let’s support those who support us.

01883 772929
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